5/15/2007 - 6/30/2007
Chico Art Gallery
1234 My Street
Chico, CA 95123

7/20/2007 - 8/15/2007
Sacramento Art Gallery
1234 4th Street
Sacramento, CA 95121
  Welcome to the website dedicated to our father, Ken Morrow. Most of you had a relationship with Ken and Donna, some would like to know more about Ken not having known him during his short life. Enter these pages then with anticipation of some semblance of connection to him, and his relationship to her. Ken and Donna’s union was real and alive, although to know them was only to want more. They were plain, they were ordinary, yet the onlooker knew that there was more there than was being disclosed.

Our parents were wonderful. Our own children could pray for what we were given without having to ask. We can only hope to share who Ken was, in whole, without injecting too much of our take on him as a father. Read his poems, which he wrote without knowledge that they would be read. See and feel his paintings and sculpture, which he painted and sculpted with guidance from a higher power.

Thank you for the passion you have expressed for further exposure to his work. He lives on in all of us.

     Kathi Berry,
     Elizabeth (Liz) Brownlee,
     Diane Morrow,
     Janet Morrow.